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Referring an Insurance Agent

There are hundreds of websites out there that offer ″Free Life Insurance Quotes″. But very few actually take the time to help you understand life insurance. We have taken the time to explain what exactly is life insurance and what you need to be aware to make sure that you purchase the product that is right for and your family. We have taken the time to prepare a thorough explanation of the many life insurance products and companies on the market to help you feel confident when speaking with a life insurance agent.

CustBase.com also is equipped with a listing of the Nation's top providers who offer quotes specifically for your geographic location.

Why do request you to refer life insurance agents? Life insurance rules and regulations vary from company to company, and not all life insurance providers operate in every where. So it takes very specialized knowledge and expertise to advise individuals about their life insurance options. Ultimately, because life insurance agents specialize in specific geographic areas, they can help consumers in an efficient manner because they are well versed on all of the different providers and plans available in that region.

That brings us back to the Life Insurance Agent information you get at CustBase.com. It all starts with the search box at the top of the page. By entering your pin code and beginning the search, you make sure that our agent search engine returns a list of life insurance agents who specialize in your region. This saves time because you will only deal with agents who are qualified to assist you and who have likely assisted others like you.

Refer Insurance Agent

Agent Search : Tips & Warnings
Seek out an agent that listens.
A good agent will ask questions about your insurance needs.
Make sure you are comfortable with the agent's recommendations and advice. Don't do business with someone you don't like; find another agent who represents the same company.
In addition to price and personality, evaluate how quickly an agent responds to your needs.
Avoid agents who won't take seriously your concerns about buying the best coverage possible for the least amount of premium.
Have You Done Your Homework?
* Can a Life Insurance Policy Ever be Canceled Due to Health Reasons?
* Can the Same Person Have More Than One Life Insurance Policy?
* Do Life Insurance Policies Pay More for Accidental Deaths?
* Does it Ever Make Sense to Replace an Existing Term Life Insurance Policy?
* How do I choose a good, reliable company?
* I just lost a close relative - is there anyway to find out if they had Life Insurance?
* Is a Physical Exam Always Required to Obtain Life Insurance?
* Is it True That Men Pay More for Life Insurance?
* What if I Lie About My Medical History on a Life Insurance Application?
* What is permanent life insurance?
* What is term life insurance?
* Who Regulates Life Insurance Companies?
* Why Can′t I Take Out a Life Insurance Policy on Anyone I Choose?
* Why do I Need Life Insurance?
* How to buy Life Insurance?
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