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Investment + Health insurance = Bad combo

IRDA has already issued a guideline (in the context of senior citizens but it will logically apply to all) that any proposal for health insurance which is denied on any grounds, should be made in writing with reasons furnished and recorded. They have further provided that such reasons should stand the scrutiny of reasonableness and fairness. The highest court in the land has already ruled that a denial on this basis can not be considered reasonable.

The escalating cost of medical treatment today is beyond the reach of a common man. In case of a medical emergency, cost of hospital room rent, the doctor's fees, medicines and related health services can work out to be a huge sum. In such times, health insurance provides the much needed financial relief.

An investment in health insurance scheme would be a judicious decision. The health insurance scheme could either be a personal scheme or a group scheme sponsored by an employer. Some of the existing health insurance schemes currently available are individual, family, group insurance schemes, senior citizens insurance schemes, long-term health care and insurance cover for specific diseases.

Health Insurance reimbursement plans are important as they cover you for all the costs pertaining to your hospitalization. The costs covered under Mediclaim policies are your hospital bills including medicines and doctors fees. In addition to hospital bills and medicines, incidental expenses like special diet, commuting to the hospital and back, hospital stay with the patient become an additional burden on the familys financial resources. With hospitalization cash policy, you get certain amount paid on a daily basis for the number of days of hospitalization to cover all these expenses.

Critical illness policies insures you against serious illness and pays you lump sum when it is diagnosed, thus taking care of loss of income it may lead to. There are riders of critical illness available with your core policy of Life insurance or you can take it as a standalone policy from General Insurance Company.

Health Insurance From Providers

CustBase try's to keep updated information for every insurance Provider launching any new Product. We request our Insurance agents or Individual to look and understand the benefits..

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Insurance agent, the proffesions most daunting but the smallest risk
Desire to Succeed

Quality and persistence of the most decisive individual in the insurance industry. If done correctly, we will exist to be an insurance agent. What is of the basic capital of an agent ? The important thing is to prepare the hearts and feelings, so as not falling apart when beaten rejection. Promise to ourselves to keep looking and coming prospects. The prospect is a person or institution that is considered potential to buy an insurance policy. If confidence is established, support the appearance.

Not that a top agent must be pretty or handsome. The face of a mediocre lot of success to, as long as more attractive, appearance. A survey has shown, 99% very concerned at the prospect of his first meeting with an insurance agent. That's when they can just fall in love or otherwise, hate forever. The survey also proved, the correlation of level failure agent with appearance very significant.

The manager or leader in the insurance company will often motivate the agents to say that insurance agent is the most noble profession in the world. How not, in fact this is so, because in principle at an early stage they help provide information and financial advice is highly valuable to prospective customers and clients. The ideal insurance agent who is very concerned with customer of them, began as an approach, closing the sale, 'maintaining' the customer, even to the maintenance of insurance claims. They assists us in planning for long-term funds for the continuity of education of our children. They helped find financial solutions for customers who have permanent disabilities in order to continue to make a living.

So, if you are interested to be an insurance agent, remember that the main essence of the task is to help others. If simply for money or commissions, you will easily feared down when faced with rejection, compared with similiar professions, such as a car salesman ( usually you will be greeted with smiles and hope ). So, if you become an insurance agent with a base to help people, you will not be disappointed or down quickly when faced with rejection, even things could turn around, you will be liked and needed by your customer. If so, don't worry......be happy...ha ha

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