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Insurance Agent : Questions to Know/Ask
Life Insurance Decisions for Singles
Q. As a single person, How much life insurance do I need?

A.There is no right answer to determining how much life insurance any individual needs. There are many formulas you can use to help you determine the best amount for you. As a single individual, you don’t have a spouse or children to support after your death but you may still want to leave a legacy for those that you love. When determining the right amount of insurance for you, you must decide what the goal of your death benefit is and how much money you’ll need from an insurance policy to achieve that goal.

Q. I'm single. Why should I get life insurance?

A.When people think of life insurance, they often assume that it is only a useful tool to keep families financially afloat after the loss of one of the parents. But there are many advantages to having life insurance when you’re single

Life Insurance Decisions for Married Couples
Q. After marriage, Is it better to get individual policies for each family member or spouse and child riders?

A.Individual policies on your spouse and children can afford them other important benefits like cash value growth and permanently low premiums. While some riders may be convertible when a child reaches a certain age, they may not offer as high a death benefit or as low a premium as a policy purchased for the child. It is important to consider your current budget, future financial needs and overall financial goals when deciding which route to take to insure your family..

Q. As a newly married couple, When should we buy life insurance?

A.You should buy life insurance policies as soon as possible after you are married if not before. Once you get married, you begin to rely emotionally on your spouse and financially on their contribution to your family. The sudden and unexpected removal of this support system can hurt your finances and cause you a lot of additional stress. With life insurance benefits, you can help replace some of the financial contribution that will be missed while allowing yourself time to grieve without financial stress.
If you don’t buy policies immediately, then a triggering event can serve as a reminder of the importance of life insurance. Triggering events can include the purchase of a home or car or the birth of a child. But the longer you put off buying life insurance, the more expensive your policy premium will get. When you buy a policy immediately after marriage, it will be less expensive than buying one in 5 years when you have a child.

Q. I′m married and i′m wondering if my stay-at-home spouse should have life insurance coverage

A.You might think that only individuals with an income should get life insurance policies, but every individual should have one. Consider the amount of work that a stay-at-home parent or spouse does on a daily basis. From cooking to cleaning, childcare to transportation, the duties are never ending—in some cases, more work than a full time job. If that individual were to die, who would carry out these duties for the family? And how much would that service cost?
The amount of llife insurance death benefit you should have will vary based on your individual circumstances and family need. Consider all the duties that your spouse will have to take on after your death and add to that the cost of hiring someone to replace you for those that he or she would not do. In addition, your death benefit can lighten the debt load your spouse will carry after your death and help give them some financial cushion.

Q. I am married with two children, Should my spouse and I get life insurance policies for our children?

A.Life insurance doesn’t always have to represent death when it is purchased—it can also represent future planning and opportunities. When purchased for children, life insurance does provide a death benefit in the event of their untimely death, but it also can act as a resource for them as they grow into adults. When you buy a life insurance policy on a child, you are getting a policy they might keep for life for a very low premium. If they keep the policy into adulthood they not only keep the premium and avoid any future medical underwriting, but they also have a source of cash value to tap into for tax-free loans. This can help them when they want to go to college get married and have children, even buy a home. If you include them in the premium payment process from the time they are children, you can also use the life insurance policy as a valuable lesson in saving, cash accumulation and responsible financial planning.

Life Insurance Decisions for Disabled
Q. Are there any riders I should consider since I am disabled?

A.Riders are helpful for every policyholder, not just those with a disability. Here is an overview of some of the most popular riders and how they can help you:

    Accidental death coverage provides your beneficiaries with additional benefits in the event that you are killed unexpectedly in an accident.
    A terminal illness rider allows you to receive accelerated benefits if you should become terminally ill later on in life. Spouse and child riders provide death benefits for your spouse and children for a much lower premium than their own individual policies might.
    Return of premium riders give you back the premiums paid on a term policy if you do not die during the term.
    Convertibility and insurability riders ensure that you continue being insured even after your term expires or that you can convert your policy to whole life once the term is up.
    Waiver of premium riders can help if you become disabled and are unable to work for 6 months or more—however, if you are already disabled, this rider may not be approved on your policy.
Each of these riders increases the value and benefit of a life insurance policy. If one or more riders apply to your situation, consider adding it to your life insurance policy.

Q. My disability left me uninsurable for medically underwritten life insurance. Are there other options?

A.If your disability makes you uninsurable under an individually underwritten life insurance policy, then the first option you should explore is group insurance. Group insurance is not individually underwritten and is often extremely affordable because premiums are usually subsidized and pooled with many other policyholders. Group life insurance may be available to you through employer and business groups or fraternities.

Life Insurance Decisions for Widows(er)
Q. How can a widow or widower find out if their deceased spouse had a life insurance policy?

A.It can be difficult to locate an old insurance policy or even a new one in this age of digitally stored documents. There are several ways you can check to see if your spouse might have had a life insurance policy, including:

    Ask your bank for copies of old bank statements to see if any payments were made to a life insurance company over the past two years. If you find any, call the company noted on the statement and explain your situation.
    Look through old mail and bills to see if you can find anything from a life insurance company. If you find something, call the company and explain your situation.

Q. I am recently widowed. Before passing, My spouse was terminally ill and did not make his last policy payment before he passed away. Now the policy lapsed, Is there anything I can do?

A.Nonpayment of premium does not always result in a policy lapse. First, there are often safety measures called non-forfeiture options (NFOs) that kick in when a premium isn’t paid. On a permanent policy, these measures can include what’s called an applied premium loan, which is essentially your policy borrowing money from your cash values to apply as premium payment. There may also be a waiver of premium rider that your spouse activated before his or her death. If they did, then there could have been no premium payment due. Lastly, even if the policy was unpaid and lapsed, you may still be eligible to receive a check for any accrued cash value of the policy. If you are unsure about how to obtain the cash values, call your spouse’s insurance company and explain your situation to them. Be sure that you have a copy of the death certificate so that you can supply that to them. If you are not the owner of the policy, it is likely that they will not give you any information until you have furnished proof that your spouse is deceased.

New Life Insurance Policy Launched By Providers

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Testimonials are one of the easiest ways for someone to refer you to others. They allow someone to express what a great job you did, even if they say they don’t have a specific friend or family member for you. Although they’re less effective than a personal recommendation, testimonials have their place, too — and they can be great for a website, newsletter, or other marketing material.


As an insurance agent, you work with many other financial professionals — CPAs, lawyers, and even agents who specialize in other products. All of those professionals have client lists that can be a veritable font of prospecting wealth. Establish relationships with these businesspeople, and when they have a client who needs the type of services you provide, they will send the client your way — as long as you return the favor.


It′s impossible to get referrals unless you ask for them, but some agents are simply afraid to. If you’ve provided good service and met the needs of your client, there is no reason to think that asking for referrals is wrong. Just say, “I’ve really enjoyed helping you. I’d like to know if you have any friends or family members who are in a similar situation who you think I could help the way I’ve helped you.” Another key is to listen for clues. Sometimes, obvious referral sources will come out during the course of conversation — a brother without insurance, or a friend with children.

Be transparent:

A lot of the client’s hesitation about giving referrals is that they don’t know what you’re going to do with the names they give you. They’re concerned about constant phone calls, stuffing their inbox, or coercion, even if that’s not how you treated them. So ’fess up. Tell your client exactly how you plan to treat the names they give you. Once they see that you won’t be stalking their family members, the names may come more readily.

Make it easy:

If you′re working with small-business owners or in one neighborhood, make it easy on your clients. Show your client a list of names you plan on contacting soon, and ask if they know anyone. If they say yes, ask if it’s alright if you mention them. It′s a simple way to get your foot in the door with someone you may have been planning on contacting anyway.

Show appreciation:

Whenever you get a referral — and especially if that referral turns into a sale — be sure to send a thank-you note or small token of appreciation to the person who gave you the referral. This will not only keep you in their good graces, but it will encourage them to send more referrals your way in the future.

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