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Insurance Agent : Welcome To Our Portal

Looking to GROW your business and Income. You have reached the right location. We have developed this portal to help our CUSTOMERS find SUCCESSFUL agents who can guide them make them your valuable assets.

Increase Ratings, Increase Customer Satisfaction, Decrease Costs... and Get Paid for the Privilege. We have surveyed many insurance agents from different regions across the country, and have come up with a Tracking, Search Portal specifclly designed to the needs of the industry.

Insurance agents sell only the plans which provide maximum commision to them, and are happy with one or two years of that. And then forget the customer, and leave it to them. We shall make sure you don't forget them any more.

You go to attend a party within your family/freinds. How nice to meet somebody you have met years ago or even your school/college freind. You remember he/she was a customer once, and he/she has switched over to another insurance agent or agency. Isn't it bad, missing him/her in your list of loyal customers? Donot worry, We have a very unique plan for you. Your business is the same, as a beginner you have sold an insurance policy to some one you have forgot. We are there to remind you about your customers, and get their loyalty back.

What about being marketed in other places out of your reach? Don't you think people from their home town would shop for insurance, by buying from their local Insurance agent. or the Insurance which their parents would prefer. In todays fast changing life, Insurance agents needs to be competitive and attract more people as their customers.

Accepting Insurance Agents From

CustBase is accepting any Insurance agent from below mentioned Insurance Providers. We are glad to include them to our network. Insurance agents, if you are providing insurance agencies to your valuable customers and would like to grow your network or look out for prospect Customers, we Welcome you. Our priority is to, get you growing as quickly as possible and make sure your business flourish. We have different plans for every type of Insurance agents who register to our network.

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Ask for Referrals
Gather testimonials:

Testimonials are one of the easiest ways for someone to refer you to others. They allow someone to express what a great job you did, even if they say they don’t have a specific friend or family member for you. Although they’re less effective than a personal recommendation, testimonials have their place, too — and they can be great for a website, newsletter, or other marketing material.


As an insurance agent, you work with many other financial professionals — CPAs, lawyers, and even agents who specialize in other products. All of those professionals have client lists that can be a veritable font of prospecting wealth. Establish relationships with these businesspeople, and when they have a client who needs the type of services you provide, they will send the client your way — as long as you return the favor.


It′s impossible to get referrals unless you ask for them, but some agents are simply afraid to. If you’ve provided good service and met the needs of your client, there is no reason to think that asking for referrals is wrong. Just say, “I’ve really enjoyed helping you. I’d like to know if you have any friends or family members who are in a similar situation who you think I could help the way I’ve helped you.” Another key is to listen for clues. Sometimes, obvious referral sources will come out during the course of conversation — a brother without insurance, or a friend with children.

Be transparent:

A lot of the client’s hesitation about giving referrals is that they don’t know what you’re going to do with the names they give you. They’re concerned about constant phone calls, stuffing their inbox, or coercion, even if that’s not how you treated them. So ’fess up. Tell your client exactly how you plan to treat the names they give you. Once they see that you won’t be stalking their family members, the names may come more readily.

Make it easy:

If you′re working with small-business owners or in one neighborhood, make it easy on your clients. Show your client a list of names you plan on contacting soon, and ask if they know anyone. If they say yes, ask if it’s alright if you mention them. It′s a simple way to get your foot in the door with someone you may have been planning on contacting anyway.

Show appreciation:

Whenever you get a referral — and especially if that referral turns into a sale — be sure to send a thank-you note or small token of appreciation to the person who gave you the referral. This will not only keep you in their good graces, but it will encourage them to send more referrals your way in the future.

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